• Miqdaad Dohadwala

The Queens of Stand up!

We're finally live on ticket sales for the much anticipated #QueensOfStandup comedy show at #HeadlinesCafe Ibis World Trade Center.

Tickets are available on PlatinumList

Why we're super excited about the Queens of Standup show in particular is because it's the first time we're hosting an extremely talented all female line up comedy show in Dubai.

The show features Punya Arora, Sonali Thakker and Urooj Ashfaq. Three extremely popular desi comediennes.

Urooj Ashfaq was recently featured on TLC's Queens of Comedy and is soon going to be on Netflix India for another project.

Check out a snippet from her set here.

Sonali Thakker recently opened for Abish Mathew and Varun Thakur in Dubai and is lauded as one of the finest comedians in the subcontinent today.

Punya Arora is the first mainstream comedian coming out of the city of Bangalore

See y'all on the fourth!

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